Nowadays, Rammstein are widely known for their strong, provocative and powerful imagery. Early on, the band members realized that aesthetics mattered and would be useful to generate interest.

In 1995, Herzeleid and its front cover showing the muscular band with barenaked torsos caused a controversy in Germany. Combined with their similar appearance onstage, journalists accused them of glorifying nazism. Despite the songs having a completely different meaning, this was always brought up in reports to make the band and their motifs look shady. At least the band got talked about and got propelled to a wider audience by name, because bad promotion is still promotion in the end.

Here are some photos of the band's beginnings.

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Une photo promotionnelle de 1994

1994 - Photo studio

These are the very first pictures of Rammstein in its entirety. The first photo was taken in a small photo studio in Potsdam, southwest of Berlin. Flake says that the costumes were fake, only the front part was on and they were held together with adhesive tape at the back.

1994 - Praler

One of the first real photo shoots of Rammstein, by the photographer Praler, who later shot the photos used on the Herzeleid album.

1995 - Charley Stadler

1995 - Fritz Brinckmann

1995 - Praler

These photos are not unfamiliar to you, as they were used to build the artwork of the Herzeleid album, especially the US version.


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